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About Us

About Us

Real Estate Investment

Our Approach

Elite Investments Group LLC is driven by the passion for the real estate business of the owners.The key difference between our company and other companies is our focus on reducing turnover time.  We  focus on properties that require light rehab. Meaning properties that only require minor maintenance on pre-existing systems and the repair of cosmetic items. We will not require a full construction permit for light rehabs. This reduces the risk to Elite Investment Group LLC owner’s. We will leave ourselves open to medium rehabs for residential multi-families dependent on the ARV of the property, cap rate, and the mandatory ability to have substantial upside opportunity.

Meet the Team

Tara Montgomery

Founder & Business Manager

Real estate has always been a part of Tara Montgomery’s life. This family background in real estate has continued on into her adulthood as she is one of the co-founders of Elite Investments LLC.

As far as Tara’s educational background she has a Master’s in I.T. with a concentration on Security and a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration on International Business. Throughout her working career, Tara has gained supervisory and management experience and has the drive to meet and exceed expectations. This experience translates in the real estate industry and has been one of the many key factors to the success rate of all the real estate projects Elite Investments LLC has taken on. Tara’s specific experience is in sourcing deals, sourcing tenants, multi-family and single-family property management, hands on renovations, time management, and planning.

Justin Montgomery

Founder & CEO

Justin has always enjoyed real estate. From his younger days to present day Justin has been very proactive in the industry,  whether it be reading up on real estate or hands on action. Real estate is a part of Justin’s life.

Justin also has experience and training as a pilot and aircraft dispatcher. He enjoys traveling the world and enjoys a good investment.

When it comes to Justin, he has high levels of integrity, is a very hard worker, and works very smart.Justin is dedicated, determined , dependable, and possesses all the qualities of a good leader for Elite Investments. His passion for the Real Estate Industry allows him to get things done. Justin also has specific experience in sourcing deals, sourcing tenants, multi-family and single-family property management, and hands on renovations

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